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Specific problems


Dental care in Italy is mostly private, although it is possible to receive treatment from an accredited NHS provider (refer to your local ASL office for a list of names and addresses).

You can also rely on some dental-care centres (e.g. the Dental Hospital, in Milan) where it is possible to receive dental care at reduced prices and even for free.

Chronic health problems

All those citizens who have chronic health problems - i.e. dialysis - should get organised in advance: you may ask your doctor to contact the required health care provider in the city/area where you plan to stay.


Refund claims must be forwarded to the local ASL offices by providing receipts. Alternatively, you may request total or partial refunding once back in your country (such procedure will take longer).

If you have been treated for a health emergency or an accident and you were not able to present your EHIC card - or its substitute certificate - the NHS refund is not guaranteed.

Which services are free

Each health system differs from country to country. Exemptions envisaged by the Italian NHS may not match exactly those provided in your home country.