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Integrated safety management

The Biochimico Group deals with all security issues within the working environment. We examine the main critical aspects and help in defining the best procedures and documents for monitoring and action.

We tailor our intervention on our customer's needs and wishes: from specific actions to the set-up of a full-fledged Safety and Health management system of the work-place, based on a quality system approach (ISO 18000). Putting such a system to practice allows your firm both to limit its responsibilities towards third parties, in the event of an accident, as well as to access specific incentives linked to the reduction of risks and accidents.

The core of the system is the Risk Assessment activity. In our approach, official risk-assessment documents, requested by law, become effective corporate safety management tools geared towards a continuous improvement process.

Moreover, our organisation ongoing updates through our legal monitoring service as well as specific and "just-in-time" training courses to help you spread a safety culture company-wide.

We can therefore offer an all-inclusive intervention, thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise in Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Hygiene, classroom and on-line Training.

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