Top level medical services, clinical and environmental analysis, industrial hygiene, occupational health services and full support to foreign companies in Italy.

Tradition, competence, innovation

Founded in 1962, Biochimico Laboratorio Analisi Mediche (Biochemical Laboratory for Medical Analysis) has always been at the service of patients' health and well-being, thanks to:

  • a straightforward organisation and a qualified staff, able to interact with international users
  • constant technology innovation in order to supply maximum analysis reliability
  • easy and fast access to results
  • the possibility to privately access multi-specialist medical services

All this makes Biochimico a privileged reference both for private users and for international firms in the Milan area.

Foreign citizens

If you are currently in Italy you can access our health services. The ways in which you can do this differ depending on your profile (if you are a worker, pensioner, student…) and on the reason and length of your stay.

  • If you reside in Italy you need to register in the NHS (Italian National Health Service): here you can find some basic information.
  • If you live here but do not reside in Italy: you can however register in the National Health Service, or access the health services with different modalities.
  • If you are temporarily in Italy and you need assistance, conditions vary if you are an EHIC card holder or not.

Foreign companies

Biochimico will help you manage health, safety and prevention problems within the working environment in compliance with current European Directives and Italian laws, adopting an approach based on acknowledged international standards (such as ISO norms).

For further information, call +39 02 39432053 or send an e-mail:

Biochimico will operate respecting the insurance schemes undertaken for the health coverage of your expatriate personnel. It can therefore be your reference point for managing health problems of expatriates (and their families) operating in Italy.

For further information, call us on +39 02 39432053 or send an e-mail:

Come and visit us: go to our Contact Info section and discover the nearest Biochimico focal point!