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European citizens with EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

This document - obtainable free of charge at your National Health Service offices - gives you the right, as a EU citizen, to receive free or reduced cost health assistance within the European Community Countries. Health Assistance coverage may differ depending on the norms regulating access to NHS in the host country.

In the event of loss of the original, you can ask for a substitute certificate.

Each family member must hold a personal EHIC card issued on an individual basis.

Should one of the above mentioned documents be missing - and you can't rely on a private insurance scheme - health expenses will be fully charged.

Conditions will differ if you are a pensioner (under pension-schemes of your home country), a student, a worker or temporarily unemployed.

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If you do not have a EHIC card

Citizens that are not covered by private insurance schemes should refer to their Embassies for more information: independent agreements between Governments might envisage specific access conditions.