Top level medical services, clinical and environmental analysis, industrial hygiene, occupational health services and full support to foreign companies in Italy.

Consultancy and training

The evolution of current norms pairs up the management of safety and hygiene in the work-place with quality systems.

A preliminary assessment of working conditions, which focuses on the impact of specific tasks and behaviours on the workers' health and safety, enables an in-depth review of work-related risks as well as the identification of the most effective and urgent measures to be taken.
National and Community laws go further and state that "the company must create an integrated management system that takes into account all the possible risks", professional and environmental, connected to the activities carried out.

Environment, people and processes are intertwined in an ongoing relationship: an effective prevention system must consider all of them. The most crucial element is the ability of people to get involved in prevention and spread the safety culture, this is the real key to a successful corporate safety strategy.

Here is were the importance of specific traning comes in, allowing workers and company managers to carry out to their best the role of system promoters and managers.

Our Group provides its customers - through its specialised companies - with consultancy services within the following domains:

  • Process organisation and re-engineering consultancy
  • Information systems and computer security
  • Classroom training on safety/health and in the technical and commercial domains
  • Planning and creation of e-learning tools - often with a "tailor-made" approach

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