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Anyone is guaranteed medical assistance in emergency conditions in Italy (e.g. in case of an accident or sudden illness), especially in hospitals. Not everybody though can be guaranteed free medical assistance.

You may have to bear some costs for treatment, if due documentation is not presented - for example, if you're not in the National health service records or if you have no European health card (EHIC) and you are not covered by private insurance schemes or exemptions.

If possible, it is always advisable to refer to an approved National Health System Doctor (known as "medico di base" or "medico della mutua").

For those who are covered by domestic or EU health schemes (NHS or EHIC), this is a guarantee for accessing services at limited costs. Even if you are not fully covered, this way you could benefit of lower prices.

Health Emergencies

Call the emergency number 118 for immediate intervention of an ambulance with a duty doctor and operative staff.